Savanna Ashley

Where mindfulness meets movement

"The body always leads us home . . . if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight, or feeling."

Pat Ogden

Hi, I'm Savanna!

I'm a health coach and personal trainer on a mission to help people regain their health, clear their head and live lives of purpose. I believe that with the right tools, guidance, and mindset you can be, do, and have whatever your soul desires.

Around here, you'll find trainings and tools to help you discover yourself, be on your A-game and live a life of excellence.

When I’m not coaching, creating content, or nerding out over all things personal mastery, you can find me exploring the globe - I've been travelling since 2016!

The 3 Pillars

To be the best version of ourselves, all 3 pillars must be strong.


I believe in a holistic approach to improve our health through nutrition, by going back to basics - nourishing from the inside out through a wholefoods, plant based diet.


Movement is a privilege and an integral part of your wellbeing. Become strong, flexible, and pain free with my functional training programmes, HIIT programmes, and restorative movement practices.


The connection pillar is all about tapping into motivation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, gratitude, self-awareness and strategies for living with clarity and confidence.

Want life changing (but easy) tips on how to transform your life?

    • Andi

      I’m so happy I signed up, no two sessions are the same and she she really pushes you to go that bit more each time. It’s like she knows what you’re capable of before you do!

    • Megan

      My strength and fitness has definitely improved and I look forward to getting even stronger & fitter.
      I’m impressed with the results both in weight loss and progress so far. It has been easier than I thought it would be.
      So thanks Savanna for everything!

    • Samantha

      Savanna has done wonders for me! I feel more energized and really look forward to her classes. No session is ever the same so I never get bored!

    • Liz & Dave

      My husband and I love our sessions with Savanna! I have never been an exercise person and I look forward to each session. Also, my husband, who has always been active, finds these sessions challenging as well

    • Sharon

      My fitness levels have undoubtedly improved since working with Savanna and my clothes are fitting better too! She is positivity personified and our sessions are always great fun with lots of variety to keep it interesting.

    Kickstart 6 week active lifestyle challenge

    This program is perfect for those who are looking to kickstart their fitness journey or simply change up their routine. This program includes 3 x HIIT style workouts per week as well as bonus cardio sessions and recovery yoga. You will require a light set of dumbbells and a bench or chair.

    • Access our exclusive online community 
    • Clear instructions and formats

    • All workouts take less than 30 minutes

    • Motivational tools and techniques 

    • Nutritional guidelines

    • Recovery sessions

    • One-off payment

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