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The 3 Pillars

To be the best version of ourselves, all 3 pillars must be strong.

I can work with you to gain clarity on you're current position & offer practical solutions to help you achieve absolute balance and success.


I believe in a holistic approach to improve our health through nutrition, by going back to basics - nourishing from the inside out through a wholefoods, plant based diet.


Movement is a privelege and an integral part of your wellbeing. Become strong, flexible, and pain free with my functional training programmes, HIIT programmes, and restorative movement practices.


The connection pillar is all about tapping into motivation, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, gratitude, self-awareness and strategies for living with clarity and confidence.

Hi, I'm Savanna!

I'm a health coach and personal trainer on a mission to help people regain their health, clear their head and live lives of purpose. I believe that with the right tools, guidance, and mindset you can be, do, and have whatever your soul desires.

Around here, you'll find trainings and tools to help you discover yourself, be on your A-game and live a life of excellence.

When I’m not coaching, creating content, or nerding out over all things personal mastery, you can find me exploring the globe - I've been travelling since 2016!

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We can't move forward if we don't know where are to begin with. Burnout can take months, or even years, to really peak, and it's important to perform a sort of life audit and recognise what led you to burnout in the first place.


Knowing your systems that work for you and don't work for you is integral to beginning recovery. Learn how to refine your habits and day to day life in order to get you back on your A game and set you up for success!


Learn effective strategies for getting back on your feet and relearn how to take care of yourself to avoid any future burnout or exhaustion.

This section is for recovery and habit stacking to have you feeling deeply recovered and ready to move forward.


Recharge your life by rediscovering who you are and what you want out of your life. The focus is on you and exploring passions and tasks that bring you back to life!

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