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What a year to be alive, especially after 2018 was such a crazy up and down (more so than usual) 365 days! After chatting to friends and even running polls on Instagram, everyone seemed to be focussing simply on just making it through!

So we’ve clawed and climbed, lived and learnt, and now we’re faced with an exciting fresh start to make 2019 the year that rocks and we execute on our dreams!

With saying that, New Year’s resolutions are a HOT topic right now, our goals are at the forefront of our mind and our motivation is at an all-time high – classic New Year feels.

Why is that? What’s with the first week or two being incredibly successful and then as time passes, the goal just slips away? You could argue that we’re just lazy, or lacking willpower (or as I like to say, want power), but really most of the time it’s simply that we didn’t set goals the right way. Consistency is key, so let’s break it down.

No doubt, if you’re here and reading this, you’re ready to set new goals and are committed to follow through on them. Use this as a mini-guide for goals that you can set for the year, and at any time for other goals that may pop up.

When it comes to setting goals, the easier we can make it, the more likely we are to adhere to it (sure, it’s comfortable sitting on your ass but no magic happens there).

Here are 7 powerful (but easy) tactics to help you actually achieve your goals:

1. Ask yourself these questions:

What’s my biggest priority right now?

Why do I want to achieve this?

Is this a should or a want?

Does this align with my values?

Will this matter in 6 months?

2. List down the main areas in your life you want to improve

These could be family, health, finances, career, relationships etc.

3. Write down 1 major goal/vision is each of these areas.

4. Make your goals SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timed).

Smart goals are the only goals you want in your life, unless you play football. They break down each goal to its nuts & bolts, removing the fluff and paving a clearer direction on how these goals can be smashed!

5. Write down your why

Why do you want to achieve these goals, or why they are important to you? Knowing your why is crucial for culling the goals that just sound great but don’t actually mean anything to you, and keeping the ones you genuinely want. Priorities are everything – you could want to the 6 pack but just not as much as the ice cream, and this is a ice cold slap in the face but necessary evil.

6. Make your goals visible

Hang up reminders and post it notes, make it the background on your phone etc. or you can pin my goal setting guide to your wall. Daily visual reminders keep you focused and motivated because it’s at the forefront of your mind. Manifesting via the law of attraction (the law of attracting what you focus on) is incredibly powerful for helping you make decisions and take action in the direction of your goals.

7. Turn your goals into habits

Consistency is key, and the little actions add up to accomplishing your goals. It helps to be kept accountable by having a tick system where you can visibly see the progress you’re making.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m motivated already to be the sexiest, happiest and richest version of myself! No time like the present right? Grab this moment of inspiration, download my free goal setting worksheet here, and get goal digging!

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