About Me

"We're here to have fun & your movement practice should reflect that.

Play more, move more, learn more - everything is connected."

I'm a personal trainer, movement coach, and host of The New 1% Podcast.

Over the past 6 years, I've worked in all sorts of settings, encouraging people of all ages and abilities to tap into their body's natural cues and make movement a part of their daily practice.

As a qualified Les Mills group fitness instructor, seasoned Bootcamp leader, and private trainer to the super-wealthy on mega yachts, my passion for functional fitness and mobility

I believe there is a direct correlation between our physical health and our psychological wellbeing. If we want to change the quality of our lives, we first need to change the way we move through our lives. How do we do that? Align our mind, body, and movement. The fundamentals are simple, and I’m here to teach you.

I believe our bodies hold infinite wisdom & potential and I'm here to help you return home through mindfulness, movement, and functional fitness. My main philosophy is the more play we have in our lives, the better!

I’m beyond grateful to have the opportunity to guide you on your journey to purpose and fulfillment — thank you for being here!

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