How to find your dream job - and rock it!

Like, Rihanna, we’re all busy ‘work, work, work, work, work-ING” – it’s pretty much our whole life!
So it makes sense to build those working hours to bring you a sense of fulfilment and pride! I’m a massive believer in curating your career to support your lifestyle and coming home at the end of the day ENERGIZED and never dreading a Monday again!

To find your career sweet spot, you have to ask yourself 3 questions:

• What am I good at?

• What do I love doing?

• What can I get paid for?

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Often we can answer these 3 questions individually, but half the reason people dread their jobs is because one or two of those questions aren’t aligned with the other! You can love doing something, but if no one will pay you for it, then it’s not a valid career choice. You can be paid for something you’re also good at, but if you don’t enjoy it then odds are you’re one of those grumpy old people later on who feel like they wasted their life (newsflash: you’re not going to be wrong…).

It’s also important to be good at what you do, because it gives you a feeling of security and accomplishment – and these warm fuzzy feelings will probably spill over to the all other aspects of your life!

Answering and aligning these 3 questions is where you can find your dream job, and really reap the benefits of putting in time! There are certain habits and activities that successful people from all over the world do, so, now that you’ve done your homework, let’s talk about a few ways to really boost your career!

1. Get some self-awareness & identify your goals

Before even considering following a career route, you must get to know yourself. A big majority of people go through life by following a well-established pattern. The sad part is, they don't even like what they do or they just don't really realize how many other things they could do. They might be in the work force and have a long-ass resume, but no life resume . It’s a big world, and you need to have experiences in order to get to know yourself better

Start by identifying what your biggest rational wishes are. Then, start going deeper and make an in-depth introspection in which you should think about the connection between your inner desires and your rational goals.

They have to match. Otherwise, you will not be truly fulfilled with your professional life. Identifying with your goals takes some time and effort, but it truly is an important process in any successful person's journey.

2. Build a Professional Resume

Now that you know yourself and Your resume is basically your way of saying "I'm good at this, good at that, and I can help by doing this and that". Well, that is why you should create a professional, neat resume. Be ready for opportunities, and ensure that you have a clean, cohesive document to prove that you’re serious. Even if you’re self-employed, it’s important to have a collection of testimonials or projects that you’ve worked on to demonstrate your quality of work and excellent execution (say that 5 times fast!)

3. Work out what your strengths are

Using the download, you can work out what you’re good at. Being aware of what skill set you bring to the table is an essential key to personal improvement. By being aware of your inner thoughts, your strengths, your desires, and your disadvantages, you can adapt your life to whatever conditions you're being put through. You'll also get many benefits as you can leverage your knowledge and wisdom for the best purposes.

It's better if you choose your long term profession according to what you know about yourself. Are you a patient person? Would you be able to sit eight to twelve hours in an office working on a computer? Or you'd rather be a football coach because you're truly passionate about football and you believe you could be an efficient trainer?
Whatever career path you choose, ensuring that it matches your qualities and strengths is vital to making it sustainable.

4. Assume Full Responsibility for Your Life

Repeat after me, “everything is my fault.” One difference between mediocre and successful professionals is responsibility. The good, the bad, and everything in between, is up to you!

Even if you haven't done anything wrong directly, there are so many factors that will have been influenced by your thoughts, actions and decisions.

Start assuming responsibility for all of your actions and never blame anyone for your mistakes. That's the worst thing someone can do. Accept it, and navigate the situation without taking it personally

7. Build your network - NOW

Live by the motto that everyone has something to teach you. Now this isn’t to say, go out and use people! No, networking is all about opportunities and connections. Use the chance to use their skills to your advantage, but make sure that it is a two way street! Offer your own services, knowledge or money. The best way to network is in being genuine and creating a relationship with likeminded people or people in your field. Networking should be about supporting EACHOTHER.

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