$47.00 NZD

KICKSTART is a 6 week active lifestyle challenge that is designed to transform your body and your life!

My mission is to help men and women worldwide rediscover movement and achieve their ideal body, both aesthetically and functionally!

When you purchase KICKSTART, you recieve:

  • Lifetime access to the 6-week programme that consists of 18 workouts.
  • One 15-minute, real time mobility video that has been designed in alignment with the fitness workouts to help you release specifically tighter areas, de-stress and unwind from a tough workout week.
  • My recipe ebook filled with over 30 plantbased recipes, designed to both nourish and inspire you to get back into the kitchen; igniting a passion for easy, simple and delicious culinary delights.
  • FACT Sheet that covers all the necessary information to help you get through this programme (and beyond). You will learn;
    • How to use the programme and recipe booklet
    • How to choose the right weights for you
    • When to increase your weight
    • Where to purchase equipment


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