Remote work - 5 jobs that allow you to work anywhere

How does sitting in a café on a corner street of Paris on a Monday morning, or taking a dip in the Carribean at lunchtime on Wednesday sound? Bliss, right? Maybe, a ‘pipedream’?

Well, welcome back to the real world, where the age of the internet is in it’s prime and the opportunity to merge work and play has never been easier.

Meet Remote Work.

It’s 2019 and the shift from the 9-5 office style of working, to more flexible work hours and remote days are way more common! You need only 2 things for remote work or the digital nomad lifestyle:

1. A strong, reliable wifi connection.

2. Good work ethic.

Working all year to save up for 2 weeks holiday, or working 60 years (that’s 124800 hours!!), to retire and enjoy life for only 15-30 years, is absurd.

Remote work is a massive, if not the most significant, part of my lifestyle design and has allowed me a lifestyle that fulfils me on the daily.
That expression, “money doesn’t buy happiness but it’s a lot easier to cry in a Lamborghini” rings true, here! For me, remote work is the lambo in my life – it’s still work but the freedom of travelling, picking my own hours, and being able to work from the pool with a cold kombucha in one hand and a motivating podcast in my ears makes ‘work’ seem a lot more palatable.

Fortunately, it is entirely possible to transfer most skill sets into the digital world, so no need to worry about whether you’ll be able to work from home or anywhere else.

Let’s dive into 5 jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world and can give you the digital nomad lifestyle:

1. Social media marketer – If a business isn’t on social media, then it really isn’t relevant. Companies have quickly cottoned on to this shift in advertising and consumer attention but that doesn’t mean that the companies leaders necessarily know how to execute on their marketing. Social media marketing is a great way to earn an income from anywhere in the world, and all you need to know is how to develop and execute a marketing strategy, plan and curate social media content posts and ads, and post them. The average client will pay $1000 per month to have a dedicated social media marketer boost their companies online presence.

1. Videographer/photographer - You can’t shoot in an office anyway (unless you only film one dimensional content – eek!), so why not take your camera and laptop beyond the horizon? Photography and videography are two of the most sought after skill sets in 2019 where content is king. Figure out what your niche is, this could be travel, weddings, product photography, fashion, blogging, and so on, and find people and businesses in those areas that need your skills.

Writer - Copywriting, articles, journalism, columns, resume writing, the list goes on for the kinds of jobs that are available for linguistic masterminds. If you have a talent with words, then the opportunities to become a freelance writer are enormous. Copywriting is one of the highest paying writing gigs available due to the demand for good quality copy (a.k.a. marketing text) from businesses.

Web or graphic designer - This is geared more towards the artists of the world. Quality designs are highly coveted as everyone is trying to put their best foot forward in the business world. A website is the first place a potential customer lands and ensuring that this is user friendly and engaging, a web or graphic designer can really express their creativity through helping these businesses be visually appealing.

Translator - As the world becomes more accessible, so does the need to communicate with other cultures. If you speak more than one language fluently, then translating could be the job for you. As part of this job, you’ll receive documents or audio that need to be translated into another language. If you’re fluent in more than 2 languages, even better! Often documents need to be translated into multiple languages for all different audiences.

These jobs are incredibly in demand and the opportunity for work is abundant! Let’s make Mondays our friend again, and the weekends seem like just any old day. Your next vacation might just be a staycation!

Some of my favorite job boards for remote work opportunities

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