Why I'm vegan

I went vegan when vegan wasn’t normal. And it definitely wasn’t cool.

These 4 years have been the best 4 years of my life yet, and aside from adding massive benefit to Mama Earth and other earthlings by making simple dietary and lifestyle changes, I’ve also reaped personal benefits as a side effect.

* My recovery rate after the gym is exceptional. I can train harder, and for longer without fatigue.

* My hair and nails grow faster and stronger

* My energy is through the roof

* I’m also a far more patient and empathetic person

I wasn't always like this though. In fact, it was only in 2015, that I doscivered this amazing lifestyle. That year, I fell sick and spent valentine’s day in hospital. Now, I don’t want to be dramatic, but I was so sick that even now, 4 years on, I could swear I was hospitalized for 4 weeks. My mum however (and doctors records) say I was only there for 4 days. Needless to say, I was so tripped out and unwell that it took a little bit to recover. During those days in bed, once I was able to look at screens again and focus on details (I had severe photophobia), YouTube was new best amigo!

I love that little “suggested” bar on the left. It’s like a rabbit hole, but one filled with stuff I actually like or find interesting - even if I don’t know it yet.

Enter, Gary Yourofsky’s “The Greatest Speech You Will Ever Hear”.


I laughed, I cried, I dropped my jaw, and 1 hour later, I was a vegan.

Gary’s humor and no bullshit approach to animal cruelty and speciesism hit me hard, and I couldn’t fathom ever eating, wearing, or exploiting another animal ever again.

He famously posed the question, “if you put a baby in a crib, with an apple in one corner and a bunny in the other. Do you really think the baby is going to eat the bunny and pat the apple?


Because the human species is not actually carnivorous. We are born with compassion and a clear disctinction between what is food and what is not. Even now, we are picky with the meat we eat, the temperatures it's cooked at, and then we slap sauces and condiments all over it because meat is bland. Besides our in built common sense, our physiology is 100% herbivorous. Animals who hunt have short intestinal tracts and colons that allow meat to pass through their bodies relatively quickly, before it can rot and cause illness. Humans’ intestinal tracts are much longer than those of carnivores of comparable size. Longer intestines allow the body more time to break down fiber and absorb the nutrients from plant-based foods, but they make it dangerous for humans to eat meat. The bacteria in meat have extra time to multiply during the long trip through the digestive system, increasing the risk of food poisoning. Meat actually begins to rot while it makes its way through human intestines, which increases the risk of developing colon cancer.


These realizations led me to incredible studies and doctors who have found that a vegan, plant-based diet, leads to healthier life spans and a significant decrease, if not end, to chronic illnesses that plague us as a species today.

At the time, I was a personal trainer, and my spare time was spent learning about health, nutrition, and better ways to optimize our physical performance. This information about a plant-based diet being our natural, optimal diet, had never been shared with me. I have family members with asthma, diabetes, and other illnesses, relying on medication to survive. I'd found information that could literally save their lives , all through simple dietary changes. It made me wonder why my parents had never taught me about the calcium leeching effects that cow’s milk has on our bones, or how at school, the food pyramid encouraged meat for protein, but failed to mention the toxic heme iron and hormones that came as part of the package.

I, like millions of others, had never done my own research.

So what started as a logical punch to the face, quickly became a new fascination with diet, a greater appreciation for Mother Earth and all animals (not just pets), and a far more conscious consumer attitude.

There’s a lot of research out there if you’re open to relearning. I’ll share some of my favorite resources here:

Cowspiracy documentary.

Forks Over Knives.

What the Health movie.



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